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Baird Equity Asset Management's focus on mid cap stocks pays off

Baird Equity Asset Management celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Baird Mid Cap Growth Strategy on July 1.

Principal Financial Group finishes purchase of RobustWealth

Principal Financial Group acquired RobustWealth, a financial technical company, on July 2.

LPL Financial releases quarterly conference call schedule

LPL Financial's second-quarter earnings conference call will be conducted after the market closes on July 26.

THEKEY launches $20 million fund to research blockchain-based social insurance

Thekey has launched a $20 million scientific research fund centered on improving the comprehension, innovation and promotion of a block chain-based social insurance application.

Northern Trust offers new compliance monitoring capabilities

Northern Trust has improved its post-trade compliance platform with the aim to offer institutional investors with the flexibility and control in monitoring their investment activities across portfolios, which would be provided to investors globally.

Rockline Wealth Management joins LPL Financial's adviser platforms

Rockline Wealth Management has joined LPL Financial in its broker/dealer and corporate registered investment adviser platforms.

MUFG Principal Commercial Capital creates new lending platform

MUFG Union Bank, N.A and Principal Real Estate Investors have created MUFG Principal Commercial Capital, a lending platform, which they will both co-manage.